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Why you need me

I study marketing like some people study Baseball, Football, or Basketball.

For me there is a tremendous amount of excitement in creating a marketing strategy for a business and putting it into play. Parts of it are bold and clearly obvious, other parts smaller and more subtle, but no less important.

But what is important is that the plan is effective.

Marketing is not like a light switch, (too many business owners don't understand this), you do not turn it on and get instant results.  Marketing takes time, and repetition.  My job is to help you beat your message repeatedly over the head of your customer/prospect.  To make you, your message, and your firm the first thing a customer/prospect thinks of when they need your service.  This is called Top of Mind marketing.

Your service may not be needed for months, but when it is, I want your business to be who they contact.  
Don't you?

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