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* Marketing  Providing clients with assistance in developing a unified marketing strategy utilizing a variety of marketing techniques.  Each customer is different, and what works for one won't necessarily work for another.  Marketing includes testing the various messages to insure you are getting the optimal return on your marketing efforts.  Similar businesses across from each other will have slightly different target markets, together we identify your strengths and capitalize on them.

* Business Coaching
From time-to-time it is wise to have a consultant look at your business to help you see what you may have become blind to, even consultants hire consultants to take an objective look at what they are doing.  While my practice focuses primarily on the various marketing aspects of your business, that often includes assisting in the maximizing of you and your staff's efforts.  

This may include re-doing your entire marketing effort, or simply doing some minor adjustments to it.  It could involve a total rethinking of your mission and mission statement; or adding / removing some products / services.  It's all connected to your business and your marketing efforts.

* Sales Training  My sales training takes several weeks, (about an hour each week), where I provide a different perspective on the selling process.  These meetings obviously include the entire sales staff, but I also require the Sales Manager to also attend.  It doesn't do any good to have the salespeople focusing on one way of selling while the Sales Manager wants it done the old way.  That is frustrating to the salespeople, upsetting to the Sales Manager, and a waste of your money.  (NOTE:  Since this training takes place over several weeks, I only do sales training in the Louisville, KY area).

At the end of one sales training a salesman said, "That was the best sales training I have ever had."  What makes this especially gratifying to me is that he was recently trained in the Sanders Sales Training system.

* Newsletters In my opinion newsletters are the best way to keep in touch with customers and prospects.  There are two major mistakes many newsletters make:  (1)  They talk about themselves throughout the newsletter, and (2)  They don't come out on a consistant schedule.

Your newsletter should focus on things that matter to your customer/prospect, and not on you.  Certainly, you can place one or two of your ads in the newsletter, but make at least 85% of the newsletter focused on your customer.  It should be information that they will find useful and/or informative.  Also, don't have a weekly newsletter, that's too much, too often; monthly or every other month is fine, and quarterly provides too much time between your newsletters; allowing a competitor to edge into the customer's mind.  You certainly don't want that.

* Social Media This is a growing and ever changing marketing method, that can and should be exploited by business.  If you aren't there, you're missing out.  Like any marketing, it must be consistant.  Facebook should have at least three posts a week; Linkedin should have three posts a week, and one or two articles a month; YouTube should also be consistant with a weekly post.

* Trade Shows  There is a right way to maximize your trade show experience, or you can do what most do - set up a booth and stand there.

To do it right you need to start months in advance, and I will coordinate the experience for you to get you maximum results for your trade show dollars.  With the Covid situation, many industries are having virtual trade shows, those too need to be marketed to your customers and prospects.  As one former client said after his first trade show,
"Brock knows what he is talking about." - Michael T.

Understandably everyone is concerned about pricing, and I don't blame you.

Normally, I do not charge by the hour; rather, I charge by the project.  

Tell me what you need / want, and then we can arrive at a mutually acceptable price.  It's that simple.

It may be a one-time fee, or a recurring monthly fee if we are doing something long-term, such as business coaching.

I will work with you as much as possible, but like you, I need to make a profit too.

Let's get started.


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