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Unity in Marketing

Published by Brock Henderson in Marketing · 23/12/2020 21:40:52
Tags: Marketing

Advertising is radio, television, print media, and etc.  Marketing is that and much more. Marketing is anything and everything that communicates your image, company identity, products, and services to the marketplace.

Marketing is advertising, sales, customer service, product quality, and still more.  Even the location of your business says something about you and your company, and thus is part of marketing. Are you in a clean new building or anolder clean, but well worn building?

Are your offices traditional or modern? Upscale or average?  All of these things contribute to the mental image you give potential customers.
If you are selling a discount product or service but have expensive looking offices in a fancy building you are sending a mixed message about your company.

Your marketing image must match the product or service
you are selling.  Does everyone in your company treat the prospect and
customer with respect? I know of businesses where everyone treats the customer great . . . except for billing, who often yells at customers. That one individual can undo all the time and effort spent by others in winning the customer and gaining their trust and loyalty.

If your business sends out trucks for office or home visits, are the trucks neat and clean?  I know a lawn care business that uses white trucks, and
those trucks are washed at the end of every business day. They symbolize neatness and professionalism, two qualities the owner holds in high regard.
The message to customers is that we are neat and do a good job; which they demonstrate every time they do a job.

What message are you sending to your prospects and customers? Are you telling them you are quality or cheap?  Do these subtle marketing messages mesh with your advertising message?  Do you advertise high quality, but operate out of a dump? Do you advertise friendly service, but have staff that are rude to customers?  Do you advertise speed but keep the customer on hold for over 5 minutes?  Do you sell quality but deliver average? Does your company really reflect—in all aspects—a unified image? Take stock of your company on a regular basis, perhaps even bring in an outsider
you trust to look at your business and identify incongruities in your marketing message.  It should all work together,in harmony, presenting a
unified and coordinated message about who you are and what you do.

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