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Getting Things Done

Published by Brock Henderson in Business · 9/1/2021 19:28:32
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Much has been written about accomplishing tasks through prioritizing and the like.  We have computer programs, our cell phones and more. A variety of ways to schedule and keep track of what's important.

My system is a little less high-tech.  OK, it’s about as un-technological as you can get, but it works best for me.

I print out a “To Do” list and simply put it right in front of my face on my desk.  Every time I take my eyes off the screen I see the list silently reminding me of what I need to be accomplishing.  Actually, even as my eyes are focused on the screen, my peripheral vision catches the paper.  Sitting there.  Reminding me.

You may be using ACT or some other program to remind you of things, and I admit that these sort of programs can be very effective, but that simple piece of paper - in my face, helps me accomplish more.

And while I use one of those programs for contact and relationship management, I still find I get my best results from a simple piece of white paper . . . with very large print to help catch my attention.

So whatever you use, be it a computer program, a simple piece of paper, or something else—Make Lists.

A list allows you to quickly see what needs to be done, and order the tasks in the most efficient manner.

There is a great deal of satisfaction in crossing off the tasks as you accomplish them.  To be able to look at all the crossed off items and say to yourself, “Good Job”.  At the end of the day you can review the list and organize a new list for the next day.

Enjoy and utilize your list-making.

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