Brock Henderson, Marketing Consultant

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What People Are Saying

"I read your newsletter and felt inspired!"  Chelsea O.

"Brock really knows what he's talking about."  Michael T.

"I LOVE your newsletter and usually agree with everything you say!!!"  Cindy O.

"Sometimes when you surf the Internet, you stumble upon something that actually makes a lot of sense.  Your advice about direct mail is one of those things.  I used your advice to improve my DM and the results were amazing.  Response went up like crazy and so did the actual sales.  For this you have my deepest gratitude."   Mike Bakker, Holland, Europe

"All I did was have one 20 minute conversation with Brock and my business went into overdrive shortly afterward!"   - (name withheld by request)

“Brock over the years has provided AASP with valuable input on a variety of issues. He possesses the ability to analyze business issues and generate solutions that are appropriate to a particularly difficult situation. I have always found his insight to be straight forward and unbiased, he is not afraid to tell you things that you may not want to here. This is a very admirable attribute for any consultant.” - Russ Ferguson, President/CEO, American Alliance of Service Providers

“Brock’s practical and profound experience clearly comes through in the insights he‘s shared concerning a variety of marketing issues, strategies, and market management. I always welcome his critical evaluation.” - Guy Decatrel

"First off, I like to thank you for making a good and happy site. I sent 4 kids there for learning about basic marketing and simple guerrilla advertising ideas you provide."  Mike -

Hook up with Brock Henderson to manage the campaign.  The guy is a marketing genius, and a nice guy to top it off."  Russell Frame  

"Without trying to take sides, make judgments or influence anyone I have to say that this is probably one of the sagest pieces of advice to hit this list in many a year."  Bob McNamara,

"Once again you've hit the nail on the head."   - Matt Henson

“I am new to the industry and just came across several articles penned by you on   I must confess they are brilliant - you have a very good command of the industry, sales, marketing and people in general.”  (name withheld by request)

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