Brock Henderson, Marketing Consultant

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Providing clients with assistance in develping a unified marketing strategy utilizing a variety of marketing techniques.  Each customer is different, and what works for one won't necessarily work for another.  Marketing includes testing the various messages to insure the customer is getting the optimal return on their marketing dollar.

Sales Training

Sales is not "getting over" on a customer, or "tricking" them into purchasing a product or service.  My training starts by getting the salesperson to understand what their role is and help them break out of the sterio-typical mold and into a new and improved salesperson.


A business owner may need some one-on-one coaching from someone with an outside perspective.  A sounding board or "devils advocate" to help flush out business and marketing decisions.  Generally this is best done as a monthly retainer service, but some situations might be better served with a more intense committment.

Trade Shows

There is a right way to maximize your trade show experience, or you can do what most do - set up a booth and stand there.  To do it right you need to start months in advance, and I will coordinate the experience for you to insure that you get maximum results for your trade show dollars.

"Brock really knows what he's talking about."  Michael T.


Here is an excellent way to keep your business in the customers mind.  Newsletters should be informative - not full of sales pitches, but useful content.  Obviously you want to bring new products and services to their attention, but a newsletter should be about them and not you.  

"I read your newsletter and felt inspired!"  Chelsea O.
"I LOVE your newsletter and usually agree with everything you say!!!"  Cindy O.  

Social Media

This is a fast growing area of marketing for businesses of all sizes.  From the small Mom & Pop to corporate giants, social media is becoming the way to interact with customers for rumor control, major announcements, public feedback, and much more.  It is an excellent format for nearly instant communication between you and your clients and prospects.

Pricing for Social Media services range from $150 to $350 per month depending on the level of service desired.

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