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Guerrilla Marketing

Published by in Business · 7/9/2016 17:14:31

(Presentation given Sep. 7, 2016 to the Make Your Mark networking group)

Guerrilla Marketing is no-cost or low-cost marketing.

You have a choice:  spend money to market your business or spend your time to market your business.  Those are your choices.

Networking – either through open networking events such as this, or in formal networking groups such as BNI and Gold Star.  The advantage of formal groups is that all of the members are looking out for each other and helping each other get business.  It’s like having several additional salespeople working for you for free.

Drawback – BNI and Gold Star require monthly dues, and some clubs can be rather costly.  However, both organizations’ allow someone to visit twice, so contact the club leaders to see if you can visit.  This gets your name out and allows you to collect business cards.

Newsletters – in particular e-mail newsletters are free for the sending, however federal law requires that you have opt-out information in the newsletter.

Newsletters should never sell, they should inform only.  That’s not to say you can’t occasionally remind people of what you do, but don’t make the newsletter all about you.  Make it useful to the reader.
Obviously newsletters can be printed and mailed, but postage and envelops are expensive, especially if you have a large mailing list.  Mail services can help, but they charge too.

Speak – Groups such as this one are always looking for speakers, search them out and offer to talk on your area of expertise.  Again, this is not the time to try and sell your services, this is the time to educate the listener.
For example, a realtor might talk about the 5 things every homeowner needs to do before listing their property.

An investment counselor might talk about the 3 common mistakes many investors make.

An insurance agent might speak on the 4 things most businesses forget to protect.

An attorney might speak on the importance of a Will, or even how to select the best attorney for your needs.

In every example it is an expert providing information, never selling.
BTW – never have a list of more than 7 items, that is the most an individual can easily retain.

Writing – If you don’t have a blog start one.  Again, don’t sell – tell.  Offer tips, suggestions, tricks or insights.  

Submit articles to local publications.  You will probably be rejected at first, but if you keep it up they may turn to you as an expert at some point or even publish a submission.

I know a local man who is going to publish a book of his “Musings on Success”.  The book can then be sold on-line, at book fairs, trade shows and other public events – possibly even in local book stores.

Fliers – If you have permission of the business you can put your flier on the windshields of cars in the parking lot.  Post the flier on community bulletin boards in churches, grocery stores, community centers, and even laundry mats.

Do not put fliers in mailboxes, that is a violation of Federal law, and you don’t want the Postal Inspector knocking on your door.

Advertising Specialties
Though there is some cost involved, ad specialties have tremendous staying power, and can stay with the recipient for years.  When selecting an ad specialty choose something that will be useful and appreciated by the recipient.

For residents I highly recommend magnets, most people will put the magnet on their refrigerator for everyone to see.

For businesses I have found letter openers to be highly appreciated and used.

Door Hangers – While there is a little expense in having them made, you can take time in-between appointments to hang them on doors up and down the street.  Door Hangers can have a tear-off business card, or even an attached magnet for the recipient.  

Most of you are familiar with the ear x-tacy bumper sticker, that is a great example of how an ad specialty can be used to create brand awareness as well as create positive word of mouth advertising.  That bumper sticker has appeared on a band’s album cover, and been written about in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Mutual Agreements – This is when you and another firm have a mutually beneficial arrangement.  For example, a printer may go to a local pizza place and offer to print their fliers for free, with half the space going to the printer and half to the pizza place.  In something like this, be sure that all the printing is on the same side, if you are on the back the pizza place will put his side facing out and you’ll never be seen.

Social Media – While free it can eat up a lot of your time.  There are hundreds of social media platforms available, so before jumping in research them – at least the more popular platforms – to be sure you select the best one for you.

For most of you I would suggest a Facebook page, and not just a personal one but a business page.  The thing I like about the Business pages on Facebook is that you can “Boost” an individual post, or even the whole page.
To Boost an individual post can be accomplished for as little as $3.  You can select your target:  male, female, age range, and even geographic location.  For example, you can target just women between the ages of 19 and 22 in a specific zip code.  Or you can target everyone in the entire United States.
You can run the Boost for one day, or a month – your choice.  You can spend $3 per day or $30.  Obviously, the more you spend on the Boost  the larger your reach.

When you Boost a post try to have a “call to action”, a reason for them to contact you.  Be it a free offer or a discount or something to get them to reach out and connect.

When you do a Boost Facebook will provide you with specifics such as the number of men reached, the number of women, how much they have spent so far, and more.

You can also install shopping cart apps on Facebook; I think the one Facebook offers has a charge associated with it, but there are free ones out there.

YouTube – Post video’s talking about your area of expertise, and promote those posts.  You can add these videos to your Facebook post.

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