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Who's the Most Important Person

Published by Brock Henderson in Business · 29/7/2016 20:44:29

Some time back I read about a consultant who had a meeting with the employees of a company.

He did an exercise with them where he hung a placard around each persons neck, and each placard had a different title. One was President, another was Receptionist, Janitor, Accountant, Personnel Manager, Salesman, and so on.
He then told the people to arrange themselves in order of most important to least important.  

After a bit of shuffling and re-arranging they arrived at their final answer.

The consultant looked at their line with the President at one end, (being the most important), to the Janitor (being the least important).  The consultant told them that they were completely wrong.

He said that each of them had an important role within the company and that the correct answer was to simply form a circle.  No one is “better” than another because each individual has an important function for the company.  If you don’t have a janitor then you have trash everywhere and filthy restrooms.  And without the President the company lacks vision and direction.

Every individual in an organization contributes in one way or another to the success of the company.  Some may have a higher orgizational status, but it takes all of them working together to make the company run.

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